Neofarma’s premixes and complementary feeds are specifically formulated to support the animal during the different periods of life, paying particular attention to the most critical breeding phases.

  • CALF MANAGEMENT. From birth to thirteenth month of age. Besides giving a balanced diet suitable for the young age of the animal, in this phase it is essential to have a good program to manage calves in groups. Each phase should correspond to a change in diet, right for the physical growth. A particular care has to be given to some critical events, weaning weight, number of meals per day, age and weight at first delivery, as well as daily average intake.
  • HEIFER MANAGEMENT. In dairy cow farms heifers represent a huge cost for the farmer. It is estimated that heifers’ breeding costs represent 15 to 20% of all yearly expenses. Nevertheless, heifers feeding is rather neglected since the animal does not give any yield; such lacks have negative consequences on the whole farm efficiency. Neofarma’s concentrates allow to obtain an excellent feed efficiency, with an ideal conversion rate, which represents a good stepping-stone to the animal’s growth.
  • LACTATING ANIMAL MANAGEMENT. In this case as well it would be recommended to split animals into groups in order to administer the right diet at the specific physiological development of the animal. Feeding is fundamental to guarantee the correct energy supply, and an appropriate vitamin and mineral balance, in this productive phase which is quite expensive. For this reason, Neofarma proposes a technological product line aimed to maximize the genetic potential of the animals by avoiding any possible waste.

Neofarma proposes a further product line studied for the correct development of fattening animals aimed to maximize their yield performances.

In order to stimulate cows’ ingestion and increase production, Neofarma suggests FARMAZYM COWS.

This is why the company’s strategy is based mainly on customized formulations on top of catalogue products.