Thanks to a long-lasting close collaboration with the company Bivit, Neofarma’s technical team can claim a vast knowledge about pig farming and management.

Neofarma can assist clients through all the productive phases:

  • Suckling piglets need a specific attention; the early days of life are the most delicate ones. During this phase particular attention is given to feeding (it is when we have the best FCR) this period will determine the good outcome of the animal whole productivity.
  • During gestation the sow requirements are never the same but change, and need to be satisfied to have a good foetal development so to avoid any problem during delivery. Neofarma suggests a multiphase feeding program studied for hyper-prolific sow farming, with 5 different diets between gestation and lactation aimed to maximize the number of newborns, increase piglets’ weight at birth, increase milk production, maintain a good fertility rate, and enhance sows gut health by strengthening their immune system.
  • For the growth of fattening pigs, Neofarma proposes a nutritional program to be performed into various phases, which goals are clear:
  • Optimal ingestion and feed conversion;
  • Proper development of the immune system;
  • Reduction of manure by the use of highly technological enzymes.

The goal is to have a good technical result and a low-cost production, by giving a particular attention to the finished products’ quality.

Besides the basic product range thought for a physiological correct growth, Neofarma can also offer another range of products studied for specific problems that may occur in farms more or less frequently.

Neoyeast Plus is Neofarma’s proposition to regulate gut flora as prevention of intense and persistent post-weaning diarrhoea.

Besides the products listed in the catalogue, it is possible to ask Neofarma for customized formulations according to needs or for new targets.