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Our Company

Our Company

Throughout the years Neofarma has been recording a constant growth thanks to its versatility and ability to deal with all the changes which have made it a leading company in the zootechnical sector.

Neofarma is specialized in the formulation, testing and production of premixtures (in F.G., in Wsp and in liquid form) for all animal species.

During almost 40 years of activity, Neofarma has always been able to renew and evolve responding to the continuous changes characterizing the market, keeping up with the times, sometimes a step ahead.

Drawing on their decades-long experience, the 3 partners of the company, the president Mr Riccardo Guidi, the sales manager Renzo Cecchi, and the technical director Dr Davide Nati, avail themselves of a large team of veterinarians and sales agents whose aim is to give a continuous and qualified assistance to customers.
Neofarma’s philosophy is based on the constant innovation of all its products to meet all customers’ requirements.

In order to satisfy all customers’ different needs, Neofarma also offers the possibility to formulate and produce ‘GMO free’, assuring their quality through the constant commitment of its accredited testing laboratory.


The Neofarma philosophy is based on continuous product innovation in response to specific customer needs.

Neofarma’s Laboratory

The company’s laboratory collaborates with the technical team that is in direct contact with clients and offers a complete service by giving a prompt and exhaustive response to their requests.

Neofarma’s laboratory is equipped with all instruments necessary to overcome critical points of production, of raw materials and of finished products, in order  to guarantee the quality of its product range according to the achieved UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulation and FAMI QS quality certification.

Neofarma quality assurance system’s main target is to guarantee safe products to animals, farmers, final consumers and for the environment.

Since Neofarma’s laboratory has been accredited by the ACCREDIA body in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/EC 17025 regulation it has been included in the Emilia-Romagna-region’slist of those laboratories entitled to carry out food company self-control analyses and therefore it also carries out analyses for customers and other companies.

The accreditation is the official approval by an institution (in Italy the only accrediting body appointed by the Governements is Accredia) that acts as a superpartes guarantor certifying that the testing laboratory is qualified, independent and entitled to carry out such activity, since fully equipped with instrumentation to perform the accredited tests.

Thanks to this laboratory accreditation each report issued is acknowledged by all the national authorities worldwide as considered highly reliable.

In case of non-conformity concerning any Neofarma’s department, customers can make a formal complaint by e-mail, fax or by phone. The laboratory shall be processing the complaint within 7 days and shall assign the file to the competent manager for the non-conformity follow up till solution.

It is also possible to require an analysis at Neofarma’s laboratory by sending the sample along with the request form “TEST APPLICATION FORM” by filling it in in all its parts.

“(2)” indicates all the tests accredited by ACCREDIA

Quality Policy