The wise use of large range of raw materials aimed to improve the general health conditions of the animal through the improvement of the hepatic condition makes Neohepatox one of the most demanded and best-selling products of Neofarma’s.
Neohepatox is a product that can be efficiently used in many situations thanks to its tonic effect on liver:


1. It stimulates the immune system,
2. It relieves the liver by preparing the animal to deal with stress more efficiently,
3. It enhances the feed digestion by stimulating the hepatic and the metabolic functions.


1. It detoxifies the liver (helpful in case of the presence of mycotoxins in feed),
2. It activates protein metabolism,
3. It helps the animal to return to a proper feed intake after a stressful event (disease, vaccination, heat sress).

Liver’s functions are numerous and are fundamental for the animal’s metabolism:

1. It detoxifies the organism
2. Protein, fat, and energy metabolism
3. Iron and vitamins metabolism
4. Erythropoiesis.

Liver activity on fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism is of vital importance for the growth of a healthy animal, in case of hepatic fatigue rise the whole organism would seize up, with potential severe damages for the animal’s health.

The liver is the first organ to be affected by dysmetabolism, liver’s weight is an indicator to determine the mycotoxins contamination’s effect.

Liver detoxification is fundamental because a liver that does not work correctly:

1. has a negative effect on carbohydrate, and fat conversion and in general on the entire digestion,
2. Increases the risk of a fatty liver,
3. Increases the risk of toxins, dead cells, and pathogen microorganism in the blood stream,
4. Causes Immune system Malfunctioning
5. Reduces the feed intake.

Fatty liver syndrome mainly affects poultry and its causes are numerous:

1. Transition from Poulet to layer,
2. Excessive calorie intake,
3. Exposition to mycotoxins (especially aflatoxins),
4. Stress,
5. Incorrect protein balance.

Mycotoxins influencing the hepatic functions:

– DON (Vomitoxin): Liver weight increase and nephrotoxic action
-FUMONISIN: In bibliography changes on hepatic structure and nephrotoxic action have been reported
-OCHRATOXIN: It may lead to kidney damages and liver intoxication
-AFLATOXIN: Hepatic dameges

A possible explanation of unexpected syndromes that may occur in animals can be given the exposition of animals to mycotoxins or to stressful events that frequently occur in normal farm practices; ammonia, competition for feed and water, disease (bacteria, viral or parasitic diseases), heavy metals, drugs, these all are events that have a negative action on the liver and its functions.
Right in these situations that is essential to relieve the liver by activating a detoxification.