Neoyeast Plus is a product formulated to combat post-weaning bacterial diarrhoea caused by the change of diet and by the stress caused by mother estrangement.

Neoyeast Plus is made of various yeast’s strains  (inactivated, split, and dried), and of a series of vegetal components having highly antiseptic and astringent properties.

The product is conceived because of the need to intensify the anti-diarrhoea action of the existing product Neoyeast, which is a pool of yeasts cell-walls. The plain use of Neoyeast has given great results in contrasting post weaning feeding diarrhoea thanks to:

  1. Its ability to create a biofilm that regulates the intestinal mucus integrity,
  2. Formation of microenvironment adverse to pathogens,
  3. Sealing of tight junction,
  4. Immune system response (yeasts adhere to specific bacteria activating the immune system: macrophages, neutrophils, and dendritic cells).

However, in few cases Neoyeast’s action could not completely solve the most severe enteritis phenomena, for this reason the product was integrated with a mixture of herbs having an elevated phytotherapeutic property, and with a high astringent function, creating in this way Neoyeast Plus.

The combination of these two components, allows Neoyeast Plus to have a probiotic action thanks to the yeasts (re-balances the gut microflora), and a physical-chemical action given by the herb mixture (reducing the water level in the intestinal lumen).

The herbs mixture has been studied and selected to obtain and maximize the photo-complex synergic effect, and to guarantee a valid support to the intestinal integrity as a prevision

This effect is guaranteed by several actions such as:

  1. Modulation of peristalsis (transit reduction)
  2. Reduction of hypersecreation,
  3. Water resorption.

Like all other products aimed to reduce the use of antibiotics, Neoyeast Plus too requires some shrewdness in the farm management (appropriate area for each animal, sufficient space in the manger, troughs position, etc.), and especially on the ratio.

Besides providing the animals with an accurately balanced diet, it’s fundamental to pay high attention in the selection of the raw material since the post-weaning phase represents the most critical moment of swine digestive tract as it turns from liquid to solid feeding.

Tests carried out with Neoyeast Plus:

Test I

Swine farming with 800 sows.

7-10 days post-weaning: arise of severe diarrhea although the diet was highly controlled and largely used in other occasions with great results.The early use of Neoyeast reduced enteritis but did not succeed in eliminating it completely, for this reason the use of Neoyeast Plus was decided instead. The final tests carried out with the use of 500g of the product in 100Kg of feed, for one month, on 4 weaning groups for a total of 140 piglets.

All animals that were fed along with Neoyeast Plus did not shown any form of enteritis.

Test II

Swine farm with 200 sows. Litters every 3 weeks

Because of constant post-weaning enteritis, the farmer included a part of zinc oxide in the diet. The test consisted of the complete substitution of zinc oxide with Neoyeast Plus. The use of Neoyeast Plus not only brought no change to the enteritis situation (absence of diahorrea), but it remarkably improved the piglet’s growth performances (due to zinc oxide discontinuation).

Thanks to these tests we can easily state that Neoyeast Plus is an extremely efficient product against nutritional diarrhoea. In the former test persisted enteritis was solved in a definitive way thanks to the use of Neoyeast Plus.

For the latter test instead, we chose a farm historically known to be suffering from post-weaning diarrhoea that had already solved the problem thanks to the use of zinc oxide. The substitution of zinc oxide with Neoyeast Plus not only showed the same good results for what concerns enteritis (absent), but it also improved the feed conversion rate in piglets, confirming that Neoyeast Plus can easily substitute zinc oxide in the prevention of nutritional diarrhoea in piglets.