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What makes Neofarma a leading company in its sector:


All our products are formulated considering all animal requirements, in accordance with their productive phase, in order to guarantee the maximum yield in the shortest time.
Besides premixtures and complementary feed showed in our catalogue, our strength is the possibility to manufacture customized products formulated according to our customers’ requirements.


Neofarma’s laboratory is equipped with all the necessary instruments required to guarantee a correct analysis of the raw materials that have been used for production, and to evaluate the finished product’s good outcome.

Besides being a mean to control of the company’ product range, Neofarma’s laboratory is also available for all its customers.

The analysis results of products used on site by customers have a double advantage: to give customer more information about the product, and to allow the veterinary doctors to operate with accurate data in order to adjust formulations.


Our veterinary doctors’ experience, together with our laboratory efficiency, enables us to act and improve the farm management and productivity, supporting the customer in his everyday decisions.

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